No one prepares you for motherhood, in a blink of an eye you’re life changes. You’re no longer an independent woman or devoted wife. You are a mom. It is a calling that not every woman has but if you have it then you know the incredible feeling of motherhood. It’s a challenging, messy, sad at times but also amazing role in a woman’s life. Every second of this journey you want to hold onto it close to your heart and relive the most amazing moments of being a mother and watching your children grow. Those tiny little hands grab a hold of my entire world and even though we’re not entirely sure where we’re going or how we’re getting there, her hazle eyes assure me that no matter the turns we take on our journey, as long as her hand is clasped in mine, we will make it.

I hope my blog inspires you in some way. Whether it’s from the stories about my journey being a mom, my poetry or random posts from random thoughts, I hope you can take something away from reading my posts.

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